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Over the past decade, Anubhav Learning Centre - the Kids Learning Centre in South Delhi, has carried a great responsibility and this has been done very joyfully while believing in the philosophy of humanistic education.

Our DAYCARE is a second home for many infants who are nurtured to walk and talk. It is one of the best Child Care Services in South Delhi. The warmth of the care givers enables strong bonding with the children. These children gradually move onto the PRE-SCHOOL and eventually they join the ‘BIG SCHOOL’. In fact today a majority of our AFTER SCHOOL DAY CARE children have been with us since their infancy. It is a great experience to watch them grow. Anubhav is one of the very few Child Care Services in South Delhi with this magnitude and diversity.

The facilities offered at our Kids Learning Centre South Delhi include Art and Craft, Handwriting Classes, Sports and Academic support. What began as a special privilege for our very own children, is now being availed of by other children in the neighbourhood.





What Parents Said...

Among the concrete jungles coming up, this school is a sigh of relief. Most of the schools that I have been to, have a room named as the area with no natural surroundings, just painting of trees an...

- Mrs. D. K. Sahni (Interior Design Lecturer) - M/o Prithvijit Singh Sahni

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