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Welcome to Anubhav Learning Centre, a trusted Play School and a Kids Learning Center, right in the heart of South Delhi’s Pamposh Enclave. ALC has served many families from South Delhi for over 15 year. It is more like a safe, loving, caring , peaceful and joyful home to many of little angels and fairies who are growing here through experiential learning in a healthy environment. It is a one stop-solution for all the parents who are on a look out for a genuine, Child-friendly and value based school for their children to take their first steps and utter their first words.

We understand the mind of new mothers and totally empathize with the pain and dilemmas they go through when they make a decision to go back to work after child birth. To do justice to the moms employed out-side home, Anubhav addresses their concerns OF:

With all this and more concerns the new parents have, some are not mentally prepared to the concept of a Day Care. They still prefer ayahs at home and hold a belief that learning in children only start after they are 2 or 3 years old. But science and many researches in this field has broken this myth. “Babies Listen and Learn While in the Womb” is a beautiful ar-ticle authored by Denise Mann for Web MD Magazine, which is delivered free of charge to all the physicians across the United States. Laura Flynn Mocarthy writes in an online parenting portal about “What Babies Learn in the Womb”. Science has thus validated the epic Mahabharta’s story “ Abhimanyu and the Chakra-Vyuha” where Abhimanyu had learnt the technique in his mother Subhadra’s womb, before he was born.

Fasten your seat belts moms and dads; we are now taking you to a virtu-al tour of Anubhav Learning Centre and you will see how it more than meets all the requirements of a good pre school and day care:





What Parents Said...

Our association with Anubhav Learninng Centre has been for a year now. We want to thank the Director, Teachers and the working staff for their exemplary effort in keeping a very good standard of wo...

- Mr. Ashish Sharma and Mrs. Charu Anand - Parents of Aarat Sharma

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